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Bapi Mami Fund Charity Donation (爸比妈咪基金 慈善捐赠)

RM 99.00

We are fortunate, while others might not be so lucky, especially those in orphanage home and old folks home. With just a little bit of donation, you could put a smile on their faces, not to mention nutrition into their bodies.

How does it work? Very simple, whichever charity package you choose, we would top up 10% to 20%, and turn the total amount into the foods from our store. Then we would bring it to the orphanage home and old folks home nearby. Before we deliver, you would get a list of the foods that we compile. And you would also get a few photos taken during the donation hand over, with or without your name shown inside the pictures.

Let's work together to make this world a better place.




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