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Being a single father of 2 kids, our founder realized that how hard it is for a working mother to take good care of her family and to excel in her career at the same time. We understand shopping for daily needs and kitchen items would seem simple but actually very time consuming in her busy life. After a long day at work, who would want to be stuck in the traffic jam, fight for a car park, and wait at the checkout counter, just to pick up some fish, soy sauce or dish detergent? Imagine all these could be delivered to the work place or home conveniently, with a few clicks on the computer, or a few tabs on the smart phone. And when a wrong item is ordered, we offer hassle-free and cost-free return. Simply put, we want to help mothers. Helping mothers is our first priority, profit only comes second. Starting with frozen food, we want to offer as many products as a woman would need or want inside her kitchen. And we deliver their orders to their doorstep at their conveniences for free. YES, free delivery. And the best part, we even guarantee the low prices. So a mother could have peace of mind, knowing that she enjoys all the conveniences while paying the good prices. We believe all the mothers should have some private me-time. So, with our helps, they could earn and enjoy their me-time. Of course, if they want to spend the extra time with the kids, husband or parents, we won’t blame. After all, a mother is a mother. They are the greatest!