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Lowest Price Guarantee

What is this?

We want you to have 150% confidence when you shop with us. So, we guarantee the lowest prices for 2 weeks!

How does it work?

Within 2 weeks from your order date, if you find another online1 business selling the same product with cheaper2 price, contact us, we will reimburse you 150% of the price difference.


You paid RM 10 for item A with us. 1 week later, you saw website XYZ offers item A at RM 8. We would reimburse you RM 2 x 150% = RM 3.

How would you get the reimbursement?

You would get the reimbursement in the form of voucher for your next order with us. And the voucher would be valid for at least 1 year.

How do we define “same product”?

The product being compared to must meet the following conditions:

  • Same Brand, Model, Color, Size, Flavor, Scent, Taste, Volume and/or Packaging
  • Same UPC/EAN number, Product Code and/or Serial Code

What are the items that are not included in this guarantee?

We do not compare prices in the following situations:

  • Clearance item due to imperfect condition, i.e. near expiry, damaged, refurbished, used, etc
  • The price is conditional, i.e. PWP (purchase with purchase), Bulk Pricing (buy X quantity to get Y price), Member Price (only for member), etc
  • OEM items, counterfeit items, Not-For-Sale items, Sample items

  1. Must be an online e-commerce with own website equipped with checkout shopping cart and payment gateway, so that we can identify the prices easily. We don’t price match prices with any non-online business.
  2. When doing price comparison, other charges (such as shipping) must be added into the comparison. We can only do single item order comparison, i.e. the final cost of ordering 1 item from us versus ordering the same item from our competitor.