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Chilean Atlantic Salmon Whole Fish - 4.7kg (4.2kg net) Boneless Fillet Cut Frozen Descaled (大西洋三文鱼一条 无骨切片 急冻 去鳞)

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Product 商品: Chilean Atlantic Salmon Whole Fish (大西洋三文鱼一条)

Content 含量: Gross weight 4.7kg, net weight 4.2kg, the missing 500g were those junks like fish scales.

Flavor 口味: None 无

Description 描述:

The whole fish was rapid frozen at -40C immediately after they were harvested and cut, to preserve the freshness. It was cut into boneless fillet cut and vacuum packed individually. Came with the head, bones, mince.

Can be kept inside your freezer for 12 months.



Fresh 新鲜,Frozen 急冻,Descaled 去鳞,Boneless Fillet Cut 无骨切片块状

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