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Fresh Golden Snapper - 1kg Steak Cut Frozen (新鲜 红皂鱼 切块 急冻)

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Product 商品: Golden Snapper (红皂鱼)

Content 含量: at least 至少有 1kg

Flavor 口味:

Description 描述:

The fish were rapid frozen at -40C immediately after they were cut to preserve the freshness.


Each whole fish we received was around 2.8kg. And about 800g were the scales, guts, fins and whatnots. So, the 1kg we offer you here contains half head and 3 to 4 body steaks or tail.

我们收的整条鱼大约是 2.8 公斤,那有 800 克是鳞片、内脏、鳍和其它没用的东西。 因此,我们在这给你的 1 公斤包含半边头和 3 到 4 块鱼身或尾巴。

Frozen 急冻 Descaled 去鳞 Gutted 去内脏 Cut 切块 Fresh 新鲜

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